Scott M. Snow, FSA

President of S. M. Snow & Associates


Scott M. Snow is the President of S. M. Snow & Associates and a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. He's been heavily involved with group health insurance for forty five years and is one of the foremost experts in the industry.


Mr. Snow began his career in 1976 and was employed by various health insurance companies for the next thirteen years. His responsibilities included maximizing the effectiveness of the underwriting and pricing functions, developing a wide variety of rating factors and innovative pricing techniques, setting premiums for large employer groups, analyzing and optimizing product performance, achieving profitability targets, and making presentations to senior management. 


In 1989, Mr. Snow founded S. M. Snow & Associates which started out as an actuarial consulting firm that provided consulting services to health insurance companies and self-funded employers. In 1995, the company expanded its services to include conducting a wide variety of comprehensive pricing seminars and on-site training programs for health insurance company personnel. In 2001, we further expanded our services by conducting comprehensive training seminars for sales professionals, brokers, consultants, and employers that focused on strategies to reduce and control health plan costs. 


Mr. Snow is the sole presenter at our seminars and on-site training programs. He's an extremely effective communicator and presents complicated subject matter in a clear, concise, and understandable manner. Mr. Snow prides himself on his ability to "think outside the box" which enables him to develop highly effective (but practical) strategies that effectively solve complex business problems. He's conducted over 200 seminars and nearly 100 on-site training programs to date and has trained nearly thirteen thousand insurance professionals (i.e., actuaries, underwriters, brokers, consultants, sales professionals, and large self-funded employers).