Why Our Seminars Are In A Class By Themselves 


Take a moment to recall all of the seminars and conferences that you’ve attended in recent years.  Have any of these events provided you with comprehensive information and strategies that enabled you to substantially improve your job performance which in turn positively impacted your company’s business results?  Do you feel that these events were valuable learning experiences, or would you describe these events as SOCIAL GATHERINGS for the most part?  

Below, you'll find some of the many reasons why virtually every seminar and conference that group health insurance professionals attend FAILS TO PROVIDE ATTENDEES WITH A VALUABLE LEARNING EXPERIENCE:

  • The vast majority of presenters at all of these events are either your competitors, consultants, or vendors.  Your competitors aren't going to provide you with any valuable information for obvious reasons, consultants only provide "teaser information" in hopes of landing you as a client, and vendors almost always present biased information in hopes of selling you their product or service.  It's no wonder that attendees receive little or no valuable information.

  • The larger seminars and conferences offer a wide variety of topics which must be covered in a limited amount of time.  Because of this, attendees only receive basic information regarding each topic.  These larger events also devote a substantial amount of time to sessions and activities that provide attendees with no information at all.  Below, you'll find a brief description of some of these:

    • one or more keynote presentations by politicians, celebrities, famous athletes, authors, and others who know absolutely nothing about group health insurance

    • lengthy periods of time allocated to "networking opportunities"

    • lunches that last for 90 or even 120 minutes

    • several hours a day that are set aside for attendees to wander through the Exhibitor's Hall where they can buy products and services


IN CONTRAST, our seminars examine ONE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TOPIC IN GREAT DEPTH.  You'll receive comprehensive and valuable information at our seminars because we're not one of your competitors, a consulting firm, or a vendor trying to sell you something.  We have no keynote presentations by uniformed presenters, no extended lunches, no 45 or 60 minute breaks for "networking", and no Exhibitor's Hall.  We devote 100% of our time to providing you with the comprehensive information and highly effective strategies you need to dramatically improve your level of success. 

We strongly believe that a seminar or conference should be a valuable learning experience that will greatly benefit the attendee and his or her company.  If a seminar or conference fails in this regard, it’s a waste of the attendee’s valuable time and their (or their company’s) money.  Unlike virtually all of the seminars and conferences that group health insurance professionals attend, our comprehensive seminars will provide you with a wide variety of INNOVATIVE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES that will enable you to dramatically improve your job performance which in turn will substantially improve your company's bottom line. 

Download any of our seminar flyers from the home page and you’ll see why our seminars are the most comprehensive and worthwhile seminars in the industry, BY FAR!