Our Upcoming Seminars

We're planning to resume our ground-breaking seminars in the first half of 2022.  In the meantime, consider having us come out to your company to conduct one of our outstanding on-site training programs!   

Our On-Site Training Programs 

The many advantages of our on-site training programs: 


  • Our on-site training programs are infinitely more comprehensive and worthwhile than any conference, seminar, or any virtual event offered by any of our competitors.

  • In-person events are vastly more effective and beneficial to attendees than virtual events are.  An on-site training program will also greatly assist your company with its team-building efforts.

  • Your company's employees don't have to deal with air travel, ground transportation, hotels, and restaurants during these troubled times.  A substantial amount of time is also required to travel to and from a seminar or conference.    

  • The cost of an on-site training program is substantially lower than the cost involved to send even a small group of your company's employees to a seminar or conference. 

We have four innovative on-site training programs that are the most comprehensive and worthwhile training programs in the industry.  TWO of our outstanding training programs are intended for sales professionals and brokers, and the other TWO are intended for underwriters and actuaries.  Click on the tab "ON-SITE TRAINING" at the top of this page for detailed information regarding our outstanding on-site training programs!

Our Consulting Services

We also provide consulting services to health insurers regarding the underwriting and pricing of "large groups".  We show insurers how to make SUBSTANTIAL IMPROVEMENTS to their experience rating formula and the rating factors that their experience rating formula relies on.  We also show insurers how to make VAST IMPROVEMENTS to the ancient and problem-ridden CRC pricing methodology that they're using to price large fully-insured groups and to partially price experience-rated groups that aren't fully credible.  In addition, we also show insurers a wide variety of specialized underwriting and pricing techniques that they can use to properly price those large groups that present unique underwriting and pricing challenges.  Our innovative underwriting and pricing techniques will enable a health insurer to DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE their ability to properly price their "large groups" clients which will result in DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED BUSINESS RESULTS!  Click on the tab "CONSULTING SERVICES" for more information.

Contact Information


 If you have any questions regarding our seminars, our on-site training programs, or our consulting services, give us a call or send us an email.


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